The Detroit Entrepreneur – our purpose and vision.

Our vision is to feature emerging entrepreneurs and recognize creatives. The city is rich with stellar businesses, leaders, and talents. Additionally, we cover all of Michigan and those that have impacted us.

Features on our blog posts are complimentary, as we believe that others should prioritize spending money in other areas as they emerge. However, donations are accepted to compensate our staff and support our vision. (Advertising will be available soon.)

The purpose of The Detroit Entrepreneur has a special story. The founder was an emerging business owner herself, but she lacked support and exposure. In order to combat this common obstacle, this very platform was born.


Who can be featured in blogs?

Truthfully, anyone in Michigan. Yes, we highlight Detroit, but surrounding areas, such as Metro Detroit or Lansing, are welcome as well. We also have out of state features if they have impacted the city in some form.