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The Detroit Entrepreneur – our purpose and vision.

Our vision is to feature emerging entrepreneurs and recognize creatives. The city is rich with stellar businesses, leaders, and talents. Additionally, we cover all of Michigan and those that have impacted us.


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Our Instagram page is dedicated to business content, networking, and informative posts to stay engaged with followers and visitors. Follow here. You can also view our latest Instagram content at the bottom of our site.

Features on our blog posts are complimentary, as we believe that others should prioritize spending money in other areas as they emerge. However, we have limited amounts per month that we can select. Selected applicants will be our “Editor’s Choice” feature. Please see our FAQ below.

The purpose of The Detroit Entrepreneur has a special story. The founder was an emerging business owner herself, but she lacked support and exposure. In order to combat this common obstacle, this very platform was born.

Browse through our various categories to be introduced to the faces of local success stories. Click the menu and select your category. You can also view all posts.


Who can be featured in blogs?

Truthfully, anyone in Michigan. Yes, we highlight Detroit, but surrounding areas, such as Metro Detroit or Lansing, are welcome as well. We also have out of state features if they have impacted the city in some form. 

Does it cost to be featured in an article? How much?

EFFECTIVE JULY 7TH: If the applicant is NOT selected as one of our complimentary “Editor’s Choice” features, articles have a small rate of a $55 flat rate for a permanent article on our site. We are nearing 20,000 visits and counting.

I want to be featured in an article. How do I apply?

You are required to complete an application. Only fitting entrepreneurs, businesses, and talents will be selected. There is really no criteria. Fill out an application here. * We select 5-10 applicants to receive a complimentary feature.* (Currently booked.) ALL OTHER FEATURES are available as an option for advertisements.

Why are only 5-10 selected as complimentary and other features have rates?

For the first 3 months, journalists and interns were unpaid and volunteered to keep the website and Instagram running. Our platform has a promising future and has value, therefore, it requires funds to remain operating and strong. Fees individuals and the business to ensure stability. Without it, unfortunately, The Detroit Entrepreneur and its community would have to seize operations.

In order to maintain our mission of offering complimentary exposure, the complimentary features still exist, but there will be a limited amount.

I want to advertise. What do I do?

Contact us at anytime, in any form.

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