Stay Entertained With Clear Colour Media [Interview]

We love good content. I mean, really good content.

Clear Colour Media, founded by Michigan native Alec Sobh, never fails to keep the audience engaged. From their popular Sitch Podcast to live events, the founder has a passion for entertainment.

Rarely would one bother to watch a 40 minute YouTube video, but Clear Colour Media’s The Sitch Podcast will tempt viewers to binge watch episodes. (I am guilty of this.)

One year anniversary episode.

The Sitch Podcast one of the forms of entertainment Clear Colour Media branches off to. Episodes are known for guest interviews, interesting topics, and hilarious pranks. Co-host Jack Cronin’s humor and sarcastic side comments are our favorite.

Live events consist of local artist performances, good music, and overall fun for attendees to experience.

I truly care about the talent we have in our area… Clear Colour Media isn’t just here for the present, it is here for the future.

Alec, Clear Colour Media

The driven entrepreneur had plenty to say to the public. Alec said: “When I created the Sitch Podcast, it was just for fun. It is something I always talked about doing. I quickly realized that it was something more than just a podcast. It was a platform for local talents to gain the recognition they deserve. I’d really like to thank Jack, Griff and all the amazing guests I have had on the show. It is a blessing. Some have tried to imitate what I do, but those who steal ideas are cowards and uncreative. After a trip to Miami, I got heavily inspired. I saw the culture there; the culture of everyone wanting to work together to make it. The “if I make it, we all make it” mentality. I wasn’t even back from my trip and I started to plan live events for local artists to perform, have fun, and connect with other artists. I took a big risk to do the first couple shows, but it paid off. I truly care about the talent we have in our area. I listen to local music more than anything on my playlists. Clear Colour Media isn’t just here for the present. It is here for the future.”

Clear Colour Media is doing things differently, and other similar media outlets cannot help but to be inspired by the level of creativity.

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