From Rags to Riches: Best Selling Author Travis M. Foster Presents ‘Adult Keepsake Vol. 1’

All too often, we don’t have the support system to tell people how we truly feel. Travis Foster authored Adult Keepsake Volume One to provide a fun and safe way to do so. The best selling writer started the Keepsake Book Series in 2019 with the first book being Adult Keepsake Volume One.

This non-traditional read along is a first of its kind adult guided journal. The book provides content to be completed in workbook format and the individual will answer questions, scenarios and challenges based on their life experiences. The purpose of the book is to answer based on how we currently feel and/or think, then revisit the book at anytime to check if your answers remain the same. 

Travis Foster is a proud contributor of The Detroit Entrepreneur. Follow him on his journey on Instagram or Facebook. If you are an avid reader or are interested in purchasing his book click here.