Bryan Hamilton to Release “Skies Across Las Vegas” [Music]

Bryan Hamilton is a well known R&B artist based in the greater Detroit area. With many accolades and numerous tracks with some of Detroit s heavy weights. The one thing you can’t deny is the soul and fire behind B. Ryan’s voice that can’t be duplicated, as he delivered in one of my favorite tracks “Plymouth Rd”. Although in his latest single “Under Dog” without a doubt he showcased his versatility like it was child’s play. 

Bryan Hamilton clearly is in his bag and surely has his own sound.

I asked Bryan Hamilton about what drives him too keep pushing forward. He responded: “my biggest motivator is myself. I like making money and progress. I feel like I can motivate others by keeping myself motivated.” B. Ryan is currently working on his new album “Skies Across Las Vegas”. The album includes 13 tracks written and produced by Bryan himself.

He describes it as a “modern day 80’s type feel.” Trying to bring the nostalgic feel of music back then to what we all feel and experience today. Bryan Hamilton plans on creating memories through music for decades to come.

Be on the look out for “Skies Across Las Vegas” soon.