Middle EastSide Tmo: a Cultural Tastemaker [Music]

Original is an understatement. Detroit rap artist, Middle EastSide Tmo, separates himself from any other up and coming artist. Is it the unique voice and catchy hooks? The flashy metaphors sprinkled with many cultural connections? No doubt Middle EastSide Tmo is in a lane of his own.

Q: “What influences your Style?”

A: “Definitely my culture. I am Pakistani, my whole style comes from my culture and the clothes we wear, called Kurtas. You will see me rocking one in every music video I ever drop.”

Middle EastSide Tmo started rapping back in 2019. Since then he has been “getting off” as any Detroit native would say. Constantly applying pressure dropping singles, visuals, vlogs, or features–you name it. 

Q: “What is your biggest motivator?”  

A: Family. Definitely my family.” he said. 

Middle EastSide Tmo is elevating fast, not to mention having a featured article on Thisis50’s website. Click to read.

With only one year in the game, Middle Eastside Tmo is undeniably creating his own lane, turning heads, and putting on for his culture effortlessly.