Precious Green – the City’s Hidden G. E. M.

Detroit has birthed some of the most talented, brightest and influential people in various industries around the globe. The city is known world wide for its music, arts and automotive innovation. So much so, that the city has been coined Motown and/or Motor City. The city may have grew because of its technological advancements, but it was entertainment that kept the city afloat. What most people don’t know is that Detroit gets its vibe and style from the culture of the residents. The people is what gives the flavor that has the rest of the world tuned in to see what’s next for the D.

Part of Detroit culture is the dance community and very few is carrying the torch of its rich history that helps make the very fabric the city is made of stay alive. One of those people is Precious Green. Precious Green is a native of the Detroit Metro Area and currently an awaiting graduate at EMU. She’s a product of Detroit Public Schools and attended the top tier High School of Cass Tech. It was there that her love of dancing became the driving force of her life. With an already busy full time schedule in college and working, she managed to pour out her passion in creating the dance team G.E.M.Z. They are a majorette based team and is also centered with sister hood and community service. After a year of immediate success with her dance team she had to start a business to accommodate the overwhelming request of organizational dance and mentorship within the community. The Gracious Movement, LLC was born. 

The Gracious Movement was established to focus on empowerment of our young women through dance education, support and mentorship. With the vision of having programs within the school system and an after school program, the ultimate goal will be to help our future leaders become more culturally centered. All to often, quality programs are not readily available or accessible and lacks the impact to unify when needed. The Gracious Movement will provide the tools it takes to help change the lives of many. Why should you choose G.E.M.Z. dance charter and The Gracious Movement? Well, they’re no strangers to dancing and performing and have graced the stages of music festivals and performing art theatres for years. You can currently find them working on a partnership with Developpe Arts Dance Company located in Belleville, MI, and is working with PARC (Plymouth Arts Recreation Center) for an upcoming play titled Hamilton, which will be performed at University of Michigan.