Kim: The Multitalented Founder of ‘Electric Elevation’

One of the greatest female entrepreneurs I have met is Kim, founder of ‘Electric Elevation‘, and many other businesses ventures. The multi-talented businesswomen wears many hats and she rocks them all.

Both a clothing brand and podcast, ‘Electric Elevation’ symbolizes positive energy and uplifting others. The podcast focuses on entertainment, upcoming events, highlighting entrepreneurs, businesses, restaurants and artists. The podcast has been nominated for several podcast contests in Detroit. On a side note, The Detroit Entrepreneur is proud partner, as we share similar visions and mission.

Along with the brand and podcast, Kim manages Detroit rap artists Choir Boi, Cartier Cash and Tone Loot.

“I love to showcase people’s talents and inspire others.”

Kim, Electric Elevation

Entrepreneurs are known to be versatile and skilled in many different fields. Kim takes this to another level with Kim’s Tasty Treasures, a pastry and mobile bartending business. (Yes, you read that right.) From birthday parties to gatherings, she can cater to any event.

It takes pure dedication to be able to achieve what Kim has so far, but as a female entrepreneur, it requires much more bravery. Female entrepreneurs overcome obstacles the opposite gender may not, such as sexism and lower pay, but it cannot stop us.

“As an entrepreneur and independent woman, I want to show that women can be successful too. A lot of younger ladies look up to me. I love teaching and showing them how to start a business and/or a brand.”

Kim, Electric Elevation