GmacCash to Gift “Big Gretch” a New Pair of Buffs After Tribute Rap Song Goes Viral

If his song rap song “Big Gretch” wasn’t honorary enough, GmacCash raised money to gift Governor Gretchen Whitmer a brand new pair of Cartier Buffs. This is his way of saying thank you, Detroit style. He broke the internet once again with his new hit, “Big Gretch”. If you haven’t heard of GmacCash, he’s that one rapper that presented us “Coronavirus” and “Black Forces”. He’s been putting Detroit on the map for some time now and he’s finally gaining his well deserved recognition.

On social media, he states, “We’re gonna get them over to “BigGretch.” The rapper raised a little over $2,500 on his Go Fund Me fundraiser for the infamous glasses.

The rapper has brought laughter and entertainment to us all during a time of isolation. No other artist is doing it like GmacCash. Remember, only GmacCash can make GmacCash music. Check out “Big Gretch” below.

“Big Gretch” by GmacCash. Produced by Primo Beats