MMA Fighter and Businessman: Andre Sanders

In life, the success of a person is determined not by what they do for themselves, but rather, how much they do for others. The road to success is not a busy highway as many may imagine. Very few people make no excuses about helping others. In Detroit, MI, there’s a man named Andre Sanders that’s fighting so others can have the opportunity to reach their level of success. When I say fighting I mean that–literally. 

Andre Sanders has been wrestling since the age of 13 and wrestled for his college. He then switched to boxing and ultimately full MMA.

With the desire to help those in need, he started a clothing line in 2015 called Team Conquest. 

Andre’s business was launched in 2015 with the purpose of giving back and helping young athletes pay for sports related expenses. Fast forward 5 years later and Team Conquest is still giving proceeds to help athletes. With the success of the first clothing line Andre Sanders is working on another clothing line with his girl Rashanda Ramirez, who founded it. 

Follow the amazing journey on IG @Realblack313 

How do YOU conquer your life?

Travis Foster