10 Local Podcasts to Keep You Entertained

Contributor: Denisa Debocci

Due to the orders of “Big Gretch,” us Michigan residents are staying home to play our part in this pandemic. But we don’t have to be bored 24-7. (FYI, “Big Gretch” is now our unofficial name for Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Thanks, Gmac Cash) There is one form of entertainment that many seem to forget about: podcasts. We have access to free podcasts on several platforms to enjoy. In no chronological order, here are 10 entertaining local podcasts you should listen to.

#1 The Greenlight Podcast

Hosted by Detroit radio personalities, Julia, DJ Dinero and Blair, The Greenlight Podcast is a form of entertainment for all. (We’re unofficially rating it PG-13) In the words of Eminem, they speak on things we joke about with our friends inside our living room. If you need friends, connect with the podcast here.

#2 Your Aunties Favorite Nephews

Alright, brace yourselves for Your Auntie’s Favorite Nephews. If you cannot handle mature humor, then skip to #3 on this list, but you really don’t want to miss out on this 5-star rated podcast. The hosts are witty and provide “off the script content” to entertain listeners. It’s almost as if you’re kickin’ it with the guys with this one. Adults and Aunties alike are welcome to listen.

#3 Rant in Peace

Bringing a new energy and voice to Detroit podcasting, Demarick “Ledge” Culpepper presents us the Rant in Peace podcast. Speaking on personal experiences, trending stories, and sports and entertainment, this podcast allows listeners to get an idea of how a Detroiter feels on these topics. The podcast was founded earlier this year, but it feels like we’ve known the host for years.

#4 Running Unopposed

Host/Co-Host duo, Joe Robinson and Andre Ellington, seek to engage people in essential various topics, such as health, wealthy building, music business and more. This intriguing podcast aims for all ages 18 and over. Running Unopposed’s newest episode speaks on mental, physical, and spiritual health. Find it on major platforms, such as Apple.

#5 Miss Me Wit It Radio

Creatives, entrepreneurs, and everyday individuals, you need to check out Miss Me Wit It Radio. Hosted and founded by Minyetta Nelson, its purpose is to educate, inform and inspire others about and within the community we live in. It has evolved to Miss Me Wit It Network Radio, reaching nearly 100,000 downloads on Spreaker alone.

#6 TheSharpMind Podcast

Alven Sharp, the founder and host of TheSharpMind podcast, wanted to share his story on his trial and tribulations. He now welcomes guests to discuss their experiences in business and listeners of all ages are welcome to tune in. TheSharpMind podcast aims to #sharpenminds in the meantime.

#7 Dope Girls Detroit

This non-traditional podcast is geared towards cannabis supporters. The Dope Girls Detroit purpose is to normalize cannabis and to encourage, empower, and inspire listeners to tap into what makes them, well, dope. The host, A. Danielle Adams, is joined by co-hosts Alex, Allison, Amyre and Kendal. (They bring us a one-of-a-kind podcast.) Listen on on any podcast platform if you don’t believe it.

#8 Uncensored

The podcast name alone gives listeners a fair warning: there are no boundaries on the Uncensored Podcast. “Expect the unexpected,” states the podcast. What can you expect? Lots of laughs, raw life stories, and entertainment. Exactly what a podcast should have. We welcome listeners 18+ to check out the Uncensored Podcast.

#9 Mission Matters

Formerly known as Money Matters, this podcast is one of our personal favorites. Adam Torres, founder and host, invites entrepreneurs, leaders, and notable guests on his podcast, allowing them to share their story in the business world. Mission Matters is also a best-selling book series! With 2,000+ episodes, it continues to impress.

#10 The Inner Circle

With a purpose to build a sense of community amongst Black young adults within the city of Detroit, four creative individuals host The Inner Circle podcast. Terran, Tamara, Damarco, and Myla provide listeners ages 17+ with advice, conversations, perspectives, and laughs. You can stream season 2 here.

Honorable Mention:

Motown Motivated Studios

Motown Motivated isn’t a podcast, but rather a podcast and/or vlog recording studio aiming to build a network of top podcasts in the city. They offer pre-production, post-production, and distribution. Check out their site for rates.

Well, there you have it, everyone. You now have a list of must-listen-to podcasts to guide you towards your newest favorite local podcast(s). If you are interested in podcasting, check out our honorable mention, Motown Motivated Studios. Happy listening and no, the podcasts do not ID.