What is an Entrepreneur? – About Me

I possess a background in Business Management, graduating from college with Magna Cum Laude honors, and on an academic scholarship, after graduating from a top high school in Detroit so I feel confident in saying I adequately prepared myself for the business world. However, it wasn’t until I actually got into my field that I realized what I had not been taught in school.

Yes, I had learned all the technical terms. I understood the inner workings of a business. However, I hadn’t been taught the proper mindset needed to thrive as an independent entrepreneur. I’d been taught how to climb the corporate ladder, and build wealth for other organizations, but not necessarily how to use my talents for my own gain. I started to study the greats, and came across so many terrific people who reached success without accolades, without nepotism. It made me take a step back, and forget my education and what I knew, and with a start fresh outlook.

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

Everyone that I studied had a common goal, yes they were all rich, but that wasn’t their goal. They were all striving for wealth, not riches. Read that again! They were all striving for wealth, not riches. From there, I developed my definition of an entrepreneur, and that’s one who builds wealth for themselves. Wealth is subjective, and no one can determine if someone has succeeded or not. It doesn’t matter about one’s credentials or backgrounds.

We’re all on an even playing field, with the same opportunities. All we have is our minds, our ideas, and our ambitions. It’s just up to us to take advantage of those opportunities, and build our own wealth, whatever that may be for us.

Now let’s build some wealth!