Face Time: Tips to Clear Skin and Local Skin Care Brands

As a skin care fanatic, I’m consistency scanning the market to see what the latest & greatest products are on the market, ranging from big box brands to artisan made products concocted from ingredients right out of one’s kitchen. To say there’s a variety of beauty enhancing treatments & products out there is an immense understatement. It can be confusingly overwhelming to know what to choose, as we all possess different skin types; some of us are oily, sensitive, dry, acne prone, and/or a combination of these. Choosing the wrong treatment may even worsen the skin status of some.

We’re all unique.

While many of these treatments have the capabilities of yielding amazing results, none of these treatments can universally be applied to everyone, as our skin types vary tremendously. I developed a universal tip list that everyone could benefit from, regardless of skin type, skin color, or skin complications. This list will focus on facial skin care.

Tip #1: Countdown

Most of us have invested in decent cleansers. We’ve all learned that to be the most basic step. While that may be true, many of us still don’t end up properly cleaning our skin. How long are you cleaning your face? Just as it’s recommended we wash our hands for 20 seconds, we should give ourselves a minimum time limit for washing our face, perhaps 1 minute. Also, are you remembering to clean those forgotten about spots – behind your ears, your eyes (with care!), lips, and under your chin? Now, you’ve washed your face, but is it really clean? Let’s test it out!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I recommend using a cotton pad, soaking it with warm water, and wiping your entire face to test out it out. This is tell you if you’re ready to move on to the next step in your facial care routine. George Gregory, A Men’s Clothing Store in Detroit, sells an awesome 6 oz. exfoliating face wash called “Tame the Beast” for only $29 that works shockingly well. Check them out on Instagram: @ShopGeorgeGregory. You’d be happy to know they offer free shipping!

Tip #2 : Wipe Me Down

Hello? Are you still there? Our phones are a part of our life. They’re mini computers, and also our mini minds. They think for us, and everything else. We love them dearly, but really when’s the last time you’ve gave them a deep cleaning? I mean a real deep cleansing where you actually detached your phone case, and sanitized them both? I won’t judge you. I’m sure we can all agree, not enough. This is something that we should all be doing daily. Just as we wash our face, we should be washing our phones. We talk & touch them daily so why not clean them daily? It takes 5 minutes, tops.

Tip #3: Sweet Dreams

You know that feeling when you go to bed in fresh clean sheets? Don’t you just sleep so much better? Well, not only does it help you to sleep better, but it will help you to look better. Many of us make it a weekly habitual routine to change our linens, but we should be changing our pillow cases much more often. I would recommend changing one’s pillowcase every other day. We use so many hair & body products, and we need to keep all the residue from those products far away from our precious, delicate, gentle faces.

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Did you notice the common thread in all the tips? Cleanliness! Proper cleaning is what it’s all about. With this COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, we see the benefits of something as simplistic as just washing our hands. Simple techniques to enhance cleanliness can go a long way, as we’ve been taught through this coronavirus widespread. So let’s stay clean & sanitized, not just during this pandemic, but even when it has come to past (hopefully soon, fingers crossed!); besides, it can help us keep our faces looking beautiful so we can wake up flawless!

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Author: Brittani Brisker

IG: whiff.n.sniff                      www.whiffnsniff.com

Created: May 22, 2020