Introducing ARC: Artists Reaching Christ [Music]

Get familiar with Detroit’s first platform showcasing Christian/Gospel artists.

Artists Reaching Christ is a platform that is intended to promote Christian artists. Local entrepreneur Aldre Chislom founded ARC in 2019. There are three active members, including Young C, Mike Cueto, and Larell. ARC has followers all across the world because of their significant work for Christian artists. In addition to the gospel sharing through music, ARC has a passion to help talented artists that get overlooked. The other dominating genres plays a part in the overlooked genre of Christian/Gospel music. This is one of many flaws the music industry has yet to combat. Regardless of the obstacles, ARC has faith in its platform and how it will pave the way for Christian artists.

ARC has enough experience to introduce new names and faces on their musical journey. Their primary focus is to glorify Christ in everything related to their work. Branching off to a Spotify playlist nearing 4,000 likes, the platform is slowly growing and receiving recognition for providing a home for Christ centered Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B music.

Q: What are some of your long term goals?

A: We hope to bring creativity and a new prospective to the Body of Christ.
Not wavering or compromising on our beliefs, but breaking down religious dogma. The plan is to build a platform for emerging talents in the faith. [Whether that be music, film, designing, multi-media etc. ]
We want to help those that are extremely talented, but typically get overlooked.

Follow them on Instagram and check out their website Be sure to listen to ARC’s Fear No Man Spotify playlist below.

On a personal note, let it be known that Christ is Lord and that only through faith in Christ, the Son of God, shall one enter the Kingdom. [John 14:6] With true faith and repentance, one will have everlasting life. [John 3:16] Be born again [John 3:3] and repent, as the Kingdom is at hand. [Matthew 4:17] To deny Christ is blasphemy. Blasphemy will cause a soul to perish for an eternity in Hell. [Matthew 12:31 / Matthew 7:23]