ForHer Cosmetics – the Beauty and Brains Behind the Brand: Alyssa Space

Written by EIC: Brittani Brisker

Meet Alyssa Space.

Beauty & Brains. What tagline has been more semantically satiated than that?! Very few. However, that tagline just isn’t enough to sum up all that Miss Alyssa Space, Founder/CEO of ForHer Cosmetics, is. She is a modern day visionary. Her attraction & obsession to the beauty world developed as a little girl, and she has stayed attended to solely that, graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelors in Chemistry. How cool is that?!

It’s safe to say she knows her stuff, literally. Chemistry in Cosmetics is how she often defines her expertise. Setting herself apart from her competition has been a breeze, as few of her competitors have been equipped with the scholastic preparation that this melanin queen has. She has been grooming herself for an accomplished beauty career for decades, and things are taking off just as she envisioned, but she’s just getting started.

ForHer Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty free, natural cosmetic line that has been so successful that she’s even managed to develop a spin off brand of ForHer lashes. It’s safe to say she has this beauty game on lock. Her company offers an array of products, including: lip sticks, glosses, body shimmers, eyeshadows, and of course, lashes. I was most impressed by was the range of colors & shades offered. There is something for every woman, regardless of your skin tone or shade.

In addition to all that she does with her company, would you believe that she has had the time to start a nonprofit organization? Somehow, someway. Alyssa is heavily invested in the uplift of the Detroit community & its future in the most significant way possible…its youth. She has developed a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program which helps to spark, maintain, and strengthen the interest of these career fields for young women. The STEM program encourages exploration through creation & connections, according to its founder. I managed to speak with Alyssa regarding her inspiration behind beginning this program, and she humbly expressed wanting to help eliminate the disproportionate gap of careers of women in chemistry, and certain male dominated industries. Her STEM initiative is certainly bridging that gap.

All women struggle with physicality insecurities, big, small, short, and tall. It’s enlightening, empowering, and endearing to have a woman create an entire brand designed just for us to make us feel good about ourselves. How thoughtful? Her brand is helping women to see their inner beauty & while projecting their outer beauty. This is something that all women need to stand behind! Her brand is the wakeup call that we are all beautiful.

Going forward, use that Beauty & Brains tagline sparingly, and it apply it when truly earned. With that being said, it’s safe to utilizing it when speaking of Miss Alyssa Space, as she is that, and a whole lot more, however, Chemistry in Cosmetics is more precise. One should remember that she has been specifically trained & perfectly tailored to be a beauty trailblazer. Support her brand & all her incredible initiatives by visiting & IG: @ForHerCosmetics. Products are sold online at, as well as at their Flagship location in Downtown Detroit.

Visit her storefront at:

5203 Loraine St.

Detroit, Michigan 48208

Open 9am-9pm

By: Editor in Chief / Brittani Brisker: Follow my business Whiff n Sniff on Instagram here or shop my homemade vegan candles here!