Meet Rockim – Award Winning Music Artist [He’s the real deal]

Hip Hop is not dead.

From university talent shows to Coast2Coast Live, Michigan’s Rockim is taking home trophies, while reminding hip hop fans that real hip hop is not dead. Read his Medium article here that shares his story.

With several performances coming up, he seems to always win the audience over first. Coincidently, I was at a talent show Rockim performed at, and I was blown away at the performance and how the audience reacted to his song “Confidence” and the unmatched (clean) lyricism the artist is skilled with.

In an era where hip hop/rap music consists of all things negative for the soul and damaging to society, Rockim’s music is good for the soul and brings people together. But before he labels himself an artist, he is a college graduate, advocate for the community, and a child of God.

His most recent accomplishment is his feature on Dave East’s East Side Raps, a mixtape dedicated to the “hidden gems” of hip hop/rap music. “Accessory Freestyle” is on the series’ Volume 6. Click below to stream.

“Accessory Freestyle” is #44 on the list.

Recognized by, also known as The Biggest Blogger in the World, “Accessory Freestyle” is one of Rockim’s newest hits. Click here to read his feature on ItsBitKit.

To stay connected with Rockim, follow his Instagram here or browse through his website here. No matter what, he is worth paying attention to. He might just have some surprises up his sleeve.