Jamar Marreign Unifies Hip-Hop and RnB Culture in an Unprecedented Way – #NNSFD 7/26

Amid Detroit’s 42 Dugg lyrical dilemma, a formerly known Tez Honcho beats the stigma returning yet again with another Nights of No Sleep but Full of Dreams, a HipHop Vs. R&B Edition.

Find all the info for tonight’s show at the bottom of the article.

“Tez has created an ambiance that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”


Tonight, be ready for #NNSFD. But first, let’s introduce the presenter of the show. He has contributed to the community, especially in entertainment. Although he has placed many names on the spotlight, the spotlight is now on him. Read below to meet Jamar Marreign, also known as Tez, or scroll for #NNSFD details.

Who is Jamar Marreign?

More likely than not, you have yet to hear of the rising iconic Detroit native that goes by the name Jamar Marreign and it is by no mistake.

Since 2016, Jamar as a photographer, radio host, music artist, and most known as an event/showcase host, was better known as “Tez Honcho TheHeadHoncho”.

As Tez, Jamar was not only known to present showcases solely on his own but also known for collaborating with bigger names, such as DJBJ 3525 and Crowdfreak, bringing even more opportunities to his many loyal creative influences.  

It wasn’t until recently that Jamar decided on the difficult decision to change his name as he did for the sake of being true to himself, his brand, and his same-sex partner. 

In an even more recent interview with a NoCityLimit313 member. Jamar explained that living with this burden over his head his whole life, he found it important for him to be able to finally control the narrative, something he wasn’t able to do being bullied as a child. “Being in this industry, it is hard for me because to me, being gay meant giving up music, and that is my passion,” he confesses.

When asked how life has been since he has become open about his sexuality, he explained to us that there is some good, and there is some bad.

You will never have that peace of mind, freedom, and you will never fully be you until you get over that hurdle. You know you’re broken, and you’ve learned that success is outside your comfort zone, step outside the box.


Even now as more Detroit creative supporters back his decision, Jamar feels he is in a confusing moment in time for his career, almost as if he’s starting from the beginning. Other than that, he loves being in public, transparent, and unapologetically in love with his partner to his side at all times. 

Kudos to you Jamar Marreign. Click here to find out more about him.

In the meantime, be ready for tonight’s show.

“Tez has created an ambiance that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

Koron, performer


Nights of No Sleep but Full of Dreams – Hip Hop vs. R&B edition 

Performances by @imrocky.badd @itsnicklavelle1

 Hosted by @breonnabtv @singtyrose @j.bay_ Sounds by @rjlamont and @detroitsdjynot

Where: 12527 Woodward Ave highland park Michigan 48203📍

Time: 8pm to 12am ⌚

Jamar has setup precautions to prevent the spread of COVID -19: 

• “Bring your Mask” 

•Inside/Outdoor spacious event

•Hand Sanitizer at the door

Get a feel for tonight’s show below.