Sabin Mulamba Collabs w/ Several Talented Artists to Create “Everything Is Subject To Jesus” (Official Music Video)

Sabin Mulamba currently resides in Seattle, Washington

Born in Congo, Sabin Mulamba has a passion for the Lord. With an ear for His Word and good music, he collaborated with a team of talents to create “Everything Is Subject To Jesus”.

As devoted servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, the people involved in the remarkable project had one goal: to give total Glory and worship to God.

Producer: Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore | Director: Matt Dawson | Editor: William Thomas

The song begins with a gospel message given by Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore, the producer and featured artist.

“…I want to remind you that God loves you. That God cares about you…”

Snippet of the beginning of HARMINI’s Gospel message to
the audience in “Everything Is Subject To Jesus”

Special thanks to Dr. Francine Lobho, President of QueenLo Holding.

Featured Artists

  • (In order of appearance)
  • Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore
  • Kyndal Gude
  • Jermaine “Jwill” Williams
  • Roshawn Eve
  • Clint Cole Cory
  • Lacy Isaac
  • Nyengele David
  • Providence Kamana

Special Appearances

  • Josh Heart
  • Vonzell Washington
  • David Gude
  • Jeff Hall
  • Nakye Serna
  • Isaiah Rodriguez
  • Jayden Michler

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