‘Expect The Unexpected’ from the Uncensored Podcast

Laugh, relax, and get real with host and owner Tumbo on The Uncensored Podcast.

The podcast recently celebrated 10,000 plays on Anchor FM alone.

The Hosts and Entertainment

He is joined by co-hosts Black Moses, Karri, and Scoob da Hustla. They provide insight and comic relief on real topics and life experiences. There’s nothing like authenticity and the main purpose of the podcast is to get people to laugh and to get people to think. 18+ listeners can expect hours of entertainment with topics such as “childish relationship behaviors,” cheating, marriage, drinking, and other sensitive topics that aren’t off limits here!

Their newest episode is filled with must-listen-to content. Click play!

Already on their 4th season, The Uncensored Podcast can be found on Anchor FM, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Castbox. To get a preview and stay up to date on upcoming episodes, follow @uncensored_podcast on Instagram.

Earlier this year, they made the list on The Detroit Entrepreneur’s “10 Local Podcasts to Keep You Entertained” article. Click here to read.