Jay CEO Looks to Add Style Into Detroit’s Music Culture

By Mayes Marketing Agency

Meet Jay CEO

Jay CEO is one of the newest artists out of Detroit, MI. He possesses a unique sound that’s different from the traditional Detroit style, which he aims to bring major recognition to the city’s rap game in many ways. Outside of rapping, Jay is also the CEO/Founder of X-Clusive Shoots Photography and TwistedXclusives, a video media company. Through his amazing capability Jay has worked with some of Detroit’s top artists and has created an impressive resume with names such as Snap Dogg, Neisha Neshae, Pablo Skywalkin, and DJBJ. 

A Versatile Business Professional

With all the things Jay CEO is involved in, he still allocates time to help his community by also giving back to it. YESORG was founded in 2018 on the bases of mentorship for youth in the city of Detroit. We have to say we are highly impressed with YESORG and Jay CEO for taking that major initiative at such a young age; we hope many others follow in his footsteps.

Building his name as a popular videographer, Jay CEO has always had a passion for rapping, stemming from his writing/poetry background; this acted as a major inspiration for leaping into the music industry under the artist category. 

The filming for his single “525 Mins”


Jay CEO is currently in album mode with the anticipation of his debut album Powerful Beyond Measure (inspired by the film Coach Carter) set to release in the fall of 2020.

He looks to build off his 2 debut singles “Only Human” & “525 mins Ft. JV & Fetti Fuego”, which both have been fairly successful. “525 mins” landed Jay on iHeartRadio and was also featured heavily on the MNTC Radio show The Power Hour

Official video for “525 Mins”

Icon in the Making

Jay CEO is definitely here to stay! We look forward to seeing him add a new sound to Detroit’s identity and love that he now has two footprints in the industry: one behind the camera and one in front of it. It’s safe to say Jay CEO’s career is very promising and we look forward to hearing more about him as he gets closer to his album release date. Stay tuned.

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