How this videographer started a booming business in just 6 months – Zachary’s lab

Contributor @MiddleEastSideTmo

Videography is one of the best ways to bring art to life.

You have full creative control and direction of where you want the video to go or portray. Detroit has done an amazing job at breeding some of the industries top videographers. Hailing from the west side of Detroit, upcoming videographer Zach has been a hidden treasure for far too long.

He is popularly known as his videography business name Zachary’s Lab

Eye for Business

It is time for his talents to be noticed. He started shooting videos after being laid off from work because of the global crisis and novel Coronavirus pandemic. At the young age of 19, Zach has already worked with some heavy hitters such as Bandgang Javar, Baby Money, and Shai Coke. Zach has the outstanding “eye”, as some would call it, that can bring an artist’s image to life in a bigger fashion than they could have even hoped.

Photography by Zachary’s Lab.

Example of Zachary’s Lab work.

Other Ventures

Along with shooting videos, Zach has started up two businesses of his own, AWFULGOODTIMES, a streetwear brand,  and HI-CHEWZ cannabis, an exotic marijuana brand. With the dedication and hard work Zach has put in to reach his dreams, make no question about it that we will see him shooting for the stars soon. 

Shop HI-CHEWZ here | AWFULGOODTIMES here | Connect with Zachary’s Lab on Instagram here