Thomas Göring – A Soul with a Love for Music

Contributor: @middleeastsidetmo

Saved by Music

Artists normally find their love for music later in life, but for Thomas Göring, he found it at a very early age. At the age of 7 Thomas was singing in his church choir. The influence from the late Michael Jackson is what kept Thomas interested in the craft. He realized that music can be an outlet to expose the things going on around the world and he could speak on anything he desired.

For example, Michael Jackson spoke on issues such as poverty and suffering animals, and this is what intrigued Thomas. He became a singer/songwriter whose music is inspired by the reflection of his own soul. He stated that he writes his music based on his personal worldview. In 2014, Thomas suffered a car accident, but through his recovery he found God and his life was changed forever. Thomas states, “music has pulled me out of some very dark places many times over the years, saving my life on numerous occasions.”


He has recently released a new E.P. titled Unstoppable, along with a brand-new song titled “I Wanna Fly”. Thomas plans to work with American Rap Artist/Producer Harimini in the country of Germany.

“I hope my music inspires those who hear it. I want to make people feel happy. I want to see people dance. I want to see faith birthed in the hearts of human beings again. This is my biggest dream.”

Thomas on his vision for his music.

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